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It works thanks to you, the visitor! Every time someone visits this page or engages an advertisement a very small commission is made. These micro commissions add up, and allow us to reward our visitors with our earnings. The more visits we get, the more we can reward you! It's easy; you visit this website every 15 minutes (limited time), input your DashCoin address and we'll send you your free DashCoin.

We pay out your every 20 minutes, there's no holding onto them until you "reach" a certain amount. You can also earn extra DashCoin's by simply referring your friends! Each time they participate in the 15 minute DashCoin redemption, you'll get a commission.

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We have paid out a total of 30220225 Dashies!

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We believe we are the highest paying free dash coin faucet out there. It’s thanks to users viewing our ads that help keep our faucet topped up. So thank you.

BIG NEWS! We have launched a new Multi Faucet with BTC and Dash, check it out here.

Welcome! We are constantly trying to better our faucet. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact us, Facebook is the best option.

Earn Free Dogecoins

Important! We have now updated the Referrals page to show your referral link, the amount of Dash you have earned from referrals and the amount of referrals you have. Thanks!


  • 50 Dash Satoshi – 50%
  • 100 Dash Satoshi – 25%
  • 150 Dash Satoshi – 15%
  • 250 Dash Satoshi – 6%
  • 1000 Dash Satoshi – 3%
  • 10000 Dash Satoshi – 1%
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Only addresses linked to profiles will be paid
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